Press Conference: Al Nasr FC Welcomes World Football Academy

Al Nasr FC hosted a press conference yesterday for local media outlets at the Al Maktoum Stadium to annoualnasr.press_ (1)nce the upcoming WFA events on May 1-3.  Representatives from the Dubai Sports Council attended, accompanied by reporters from the local Arabic newspapers as well as Abu Dhabi TV.

Al Nasr CEO Mr. Abdulla Khamis Buamim accompanied by Al Nasr Board Advisor Mr. Iain Shaw welcomed all media and offered an invitation to all Coaches from within the Dubai clubs to attend the ‘Basic + Advanced Courses’.   The Dubai Sports Council also welcomed the invitation and offered to support the Clubs and Coaches wishing to take part in the 3-day educational event.

Edraak Managing Director Dr. Khalid M Abdullah and Karla Bragg-McDermott, Operations Manager WFA Middle-East, then fielded questions related to the course content and outline.

“We are excited to partner with WFA Middle-East on this project. Our goal is to continuously raise the level of education within our own Club but also to offer that educational experience to the wider coaching community.  We know this event will benefit the entire UAE football family”  Iain Shaw, Al Nasr FC Board Advisor

WFA Japan Tour 2014/2015

Thanks to all Japanese coaches who attended one of the courses during the WFA Japan Tour 2014/2015. Courses were hosted in Osaka, Tokyo,Toyama and Yokohama by Kohei Sagara and Raymond Verheijen.

Dec 27 – Osaka: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in FootballWFA Japan Logo
Dec 28 – Tokyo: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in Football
Dec 30 – Toyama: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in Football
Jan 03 – Yokohama: Basic Course (Level 1 + 2)  Periodisation in Football
Jan 04 – Tokyo: Advanced Course (Level 1) Periodisation in Football
Jan 05 – Tokyo: Advanced Course (Level 2) & Specialist Course (Level 1) Periodisation in Football
Jan 07 – Tokyo: Specialist Course (Level 2 + Level 3) Periodisation in Football
Jan 09 – Tokyo: Next Generation Seminar
Jan 10 – Tokyo: Basic Course Football Braining

Japanese coaches have raised their bars the last two weeks. It was great to welcome so many young coaches.


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WFA USA & ECNL Join Forced to Further Coaching Education

ECNLElite Clubs National League (ECNL) and the World Football Academy USA are announcing a collaboration to further coaching development and education in the top youth female development league in the world.

The collaboration will include educational seminars held over the next 18 months to provide specialized information for ECNL coaches in periodisation concepts to maximize long-term development of youth athletes. The seminars will be put on by world renowned football expert Raymond Verheijen, founder of the World Football Academy.

The Elite Club National League is a non-profit member-based organization founded in 2009 to enchance the developmental experience of the female youth soccer players in the United States. They improve the competitive environment, the process for identifying elite female soccer player for the U.S.Soccer and they also improve the daily training environment at top female youth soccer clubs.

They want to change the landscape for elite female soccer players in the United States.WFA United States Logo

“This collaboration is major milestone in the development of football,” said WFA Founder Raymond Verheijen. “It paves the way for the female game in United States to become a role model that the rest of the world can follow. To set the standards in developing top fit teams that are injury free. There is, of course, a lot of work to be done and we are excited about the opportunity to help the top youth female development league in the world raise their bar”

The first ECNL / WFA seminar will be a one-day event held February 3, 2015 at Rutgers University in New Jersey. More detailed information on how to register to attend will be made available on the ECNL website, in the coming weeks. Additional offerings will be announced in the coming months.

You can read more about this collaboration here.

Expert Meeting – Day 1

Raymond Verheijen opened the 3rd WFA Expert Meeting in Clarens. How exciting to meet all coaches again! Raymond started with the similarities between our meeting room and a dressing room. A safe environment will be created in which all delegates will ask questions, but the bar is high. Another similarity is the overload of players, why not overload coaches to improve? Let’s get coaches out of their comfort zone this week and see the results!

Next was Corné Groenendijk, Academy Director at Ajax Cape Town explaining how to reach international standards, followed by an inspiring presentation and Q&A with Ernst Middendorp. Ernst is Head Coach at Bloemfontein Celtics and explained how to coach tactically uneducated players.

The afternoon sessions were more practical. Firstly delegates showed their knowledge of the development of team periodisations, they learned the last few years. In small groups the coaches developed their team periodisations for: National Team, 1st Team & Youth Academy. The team periodisations were presented by the delegates and evaluated.

Secondly two case studies were being presented by two experts. Damian Roden, Head of Sports Science at Stoke City FC, presented how they became the fittest team in the English Premier League. The 2nd case study was about Individual Periodisation by Jan Zoutman, Head Coach FC Twente Reserves. He explained how the coach can make a difference by developing individual periodisation models.


Periodisation Mentorship kicked off in Amsterdam

Mentorship 2014The third WFA Periodisation Mentorship kicked off today in Amsterdam, with participating coaches from all around the world! During this 5-day event, Raymond Verheijen will step-by-step go through all 15 chapters of his book ‘Football Periodisation’. The following topics will be discussed: individual and team periodisation, football training methods, rehab periodisation, growth spurt periodisation, youth academy periodisation, testing football fitness and monitoring football training.