Expert Meeting 2015 Day 5

On the last day of the 2015 WFA Expert Meeting Emma Hayes (Chelsea FC Women’s team manager) and Anson Dorrance (Coach at Univeristy of North Carolina) presented a case study of the Periodisation model at their clubs.

Yann Le Meur presented about how to manage fatigue and recovery strategies in football, followed by the last presentation of the Expert Meeting by Dirk Zoutewelle in Football Nutrition. This last presentation was focused on recovery of the brain.

Highlight of the day was the attendance at F.C. Barcelona’s celebrations for winning the 2014-2015 UEFA Champions League!

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Expert Meeting 2015 Day 4

Day 4’s theme was Rehab & Strength Training. With Javier Mallo Sainz from Real Madrid speaking about the Application of the Periodisation Model in Professional Football, Andy Barr presenting the Basic Action Training with both theoretical and practical sessions. Followed by a theoretical session about Football Rehab Periodisation by Mikael Kuijpers and a practical session by Mikael and Stefan van Meenen.

The day ended with WFA Football Nutrition expert Dirk Zoutewelle with a presentation in Football Nutrition in youth Academy Football and a Goalkeeper Periodisation presentation by Lieven de Veirman.

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Expert Meeting 2015 Day 3

The 3rd day of the Expert Meeting 2015 started again with a powerful meditation session led by Sander Tideman. The theme of this day was “Change Management in Football”. Top experts from different Football Associations spoke about building and creating a football culture. One of the coaches shared his experiences about periodisation and dealing with external factors in a challenging environment. The day ended with an evaluation session, where the coaches shared what they have learned during the day and how they are going to apply the new information in practice.

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Expert Meeting 2015 Day 1

At day 1 of the WFA Expert Meeting in Barcelona speakers from the German and Spanish FA presented about their experiences in Youth Football.

Topics of the day were communication , presented by Raymond Verheijen, Marcel Lucassen and Afke van de Wouw, and Youth Football wich was presented by Oscar Garro Piñero, Bernd Stöber and Joan Vilà Bosch.

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4th WFA Expert Meeting in Barcelona commences

Today coaches from all over the world arrive in Barcelona to raise their bars at the 4th WFA Expert Meeting. After the last Expert Meeting in South Africa we knew the bar would be high to present even a better program. But just like the coaches who should raise their bars continuously, we couldn’t stay behind. Fortunately we managed the best ever line-up of speakers in the ultimate football city: Barcelona.

Some highlights of the programme:

  • Application of Periodisation Model in Professional Football – by Real Madrid
  • Youth Football Methodology of Spanish FA – by the Spanish FA
  • The FC Barcelona Youth Football Methodology – by the FCB Academy
  • German Youth Football Revolution 2000-2014 – by the German FA
  • How orientation will improve communication, decision making & football technique – by Marcel Lucassen of the German FA
  • How to manage fatigue & recovery strategies in football – by Yann LeMur
  • Brain fatigue in football, the training concept of brain enducrance training – by Samuelle Marcora
  • The importance of sleep for stable brains – by Jann Lemeur
  • Football nutrition in Youth Academy Football – by Dirk Zoutewelle
  • Practice of mindfulness: How to train the brain in resilience after setbacks – by Sander Tideman
  • The Football Action concept: training basic actions & basic movement – by Andy Barr

This years’ Expert Meeting will focus on tools to implement the football specific approach within a football culture.

At he event we will also launch the new book “How simple can it be? Unique lessons in professional football: behind the scenes with Raymond Verheijen”.

As usual the Expert Meeting will commence with a Summary Day for those coaches who had to miss the last edition in South Africa.