Periodisation Mentorship 27-31 May in Amsterdam

During the ‘WFA Periodisation Mentorship 2015’ Raymond Verheijen will deliver his most detailed coaching course to make you a Football Periodisation Specialist in only 5 days.

Step-by-step he will go through all the 15 chapters of the book ‘The Original Guide to Football Periodisation’. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the book during the Mentorship.

Each of the five days has several 45-90 min. breaks for our delegates to have the opportunity to network with other coaches. Moreover, in the evenings it will be socializing time, for example during the Amsterdam Canal Tour.

Register here.

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Periodisation Mentorship kicked off in Amsterdam

Mentorship 2014The third WFA Periodisation Mentorship kicked off today in Amsterdam, with participating coaches from all around the world! During this 5-day event, Raymond Verheijen will step-by-step go through all 15 chapters of his book ‘Football Periodisation’. The following topics will be discussed: individual and team periodisation, football training methods, rehab periodisation, growth spurt periodisation, youth academy periodisation, testing football fitness and monitoring football training.