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Pleased to confirm Raymond Verheijen as a speaker at the Science + Football Conference on Sunday 1st May 2016.

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Emma Hayes: A dream come true

Emmahayes_ChelseaFCFresh from guiding Chelsea Ladies to glory in the FA Women’s Cup, a proud Emma Hayes revealed what pleased her most on a very special afternoon at Wembley.

Over 30,000 people were inside the national stadium to see the Blues make history. Not only was it the first female club match contested at the home of English football, but it was also the maiden major honour in Chelsea Ladies’ history.

As Hayes acknowledged the final scoreline might well have been greater than 1-0, but Ji So-Yun’s close-range finish proved more than enough to trigger arguably the greatest day in the club’s history. Little wonder, then, Hayes was so delighted afterwards…

‘I’m speechless,’ she said. ‘I’ve dreamed about this day my whole life. Sometimes dreams can be real big disappointments but this one wasn’t.

‘To do it with the team we’ve been building for the last three years, watching it evolve and improve, makes it even better.

‘We have been in losing positions before, like on the last day of last season and in two semi-finals, so for them to actually cross the line is such a rewarding moment. I’m so proud of my players.’

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INTERVIEW: Fitness coach Raymond Verheijen on why Chelsea are better prepared than Manchester United or Arsenal


Words from Jamie Thomas.

Over the past couple of years, Raymond Verheijen has become one of the most outspoken and talked about fitness coaches in the football world. Verheijen has worked with some of the world’s top clubs and coaches and hasn’t pulled any punches when discussing the failings of certain Premier League clubs. He spoke in-depth to us about the importance of pre-season.


Seems an obvious place to start, but just how important is it for clubs both at the top and the bottom of the leagues to get it right in pre-season?

What is important for a coach in pre-season is that he has his priorities right and that he has an understanding of what objective is most important. The most important objective in pre-season is to develop your time so that your players can develop an understanding amongst themselves, to learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

That is the most important objective in pre-season. To reach that objective you need all of your players available on the pitch – what you don’t need is injuries as they are the biggest hindrance to developing a team; that is the last thing you want. Unfortunately what you see is a lot of coaches overtraining players with double or triple sessions daily and as a result players develop fatigue during sessions but it is impossible to recover between sessions because the next session starts while you’re still trying to recover. If you keep doing this from day to day, week to week in pre-season, you accumulate fatigue and as a result the nervous system becomes slower and injuries become more likely because they’re still having to make such explosive movements in football training. So the one thing we should avoid in pre-season is accumulation of fatigue and by doing that you will reduce the injury risk significantly and when you reduce injuries you train and play with your strongest XI as often as possible and as a result you have maximum development of communication and teamwork.

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Periodisation Mentorship 27-31 May in Amsterdam

During the ‘WFA Periodisation Mentorship 2015’ Raymond Verheijen will deliver his most detailed coaching course to make you a Football Periodisation Specialist in only 5 days.

Step-by-step he will go through all the 15 chapters of the book ‘The Original Guide to Football Periodisation’. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the book during the Mentorship.

Each of the five days has several 45-90 min. breaks for our delegates to have the opportunity to network with other coaches. Moreover, in the evenings it will be socializing time, for example during the Amsterdam Canal Tour.

Register here.

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Raymond Verheijen on Arsenal’s injury problems

Raymond-Verheijen_Gary-SpeedNine first-team players of Arsenal are currently listed as injured, the highest of any side in the Premier League, and a quick search of seasons past shows that these worrying spates are nothing new. But despite pundits and fans alike labelling these injuries as unlucky, the Dutchman claims that the North London club are no coincidence, and boil down to incompetence: “An injury could be bad luck but that is the exception to the rule. In contact sports occasionally there is an unlucky injury but most injuries are a result of overloading the body… doing the wrong workload at the wrong time or in the wrong sequence,” he explained.


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