Day 6 – Expert Meeting 2016

The members of today’s coaching staff prepare for the workshops of today.

Coaches develop this afternoon’s tactical training session to prepare Feyenoord U19 for the opponent in tomorrow’s game. During the 2nd workshop coaches analyze and discuss the data of the sleep monitoring which has taken place with the Feyenoord Under 19 players during the training week. Special attention will be paid to the sleep pattern of players after a game and a football conditioning training. They also discuss the application of the principles of ‘Coaching psychological processes during Tactical Training’ within the football context.

Leicester City’s Tactical Analyst Adam Sadler describes the role of the analysis department and it’s processes as a whole. Also, he describes some specific examples of what the analysis department produces and how it feeds the information to the manager and technical staff to impact on the decision making process for tactical training content, team selection, and game plan/strategy.

The morning ends with another two workshops to develop the individual training of players within the team tactical training and a workshop on the biases in unconscious thinking. During the afternoon we visit the training complex of the Feyenoord Academy for two practicals: ‘Feyenoord U19 team meeting‘ and another ‘Football Rehab – quality’ session. After this coaches go to the pitch for 4 practicals to prepare the Feyenoord U19 players for tomorrow’s opponent.

Finally coaches evaluate and watch the EURO2016 games together.