Day 5 – Expert Meeting 2016

After the daily coaching staff meeting today we started with a plenary presentation by prof. Mark Williams on ‘Decision making and the execution of decisions’. The coaches get insight in the latest scientific findings in the area of developing game insight and technique in football.

First workshops today covered: ‘Developing Tactical Training: Playing Style Development’, ‘How to develop self-regulation in players and teams?’ and ‘Application of Implicit Learning in Football Technique Training’. These were followed by an philosophical update about the role of Game Insight within the logical structure of football by Raymond Verheijen.

The afternoon started with another 3 workshops about individual training, self-regulation and Football Braining. The members of today’s coaching staff discuss the outcome of today’s workshops so far and prepare this afternoon’s training sessions.

The practicals with the Feyenoord players start with the delivery of a video presentation to the Feyenoord Under 19 players to prepare them for this afternoon’s team tactical training. At the same time other coaches develop a ‘recovery’ Football Rehab training.

Second part of the practicals cover ‘Playing Style Development’, ‘Individual training within the team training’, ‘Football Rehab – recovery’, ‘Application of self regulatory skills’ and ‘Application of Implicit Learning in Football Technique Training’.

And finally the day ends with a coaching staff evaluation.