Day 3 – Expert Meeting 2016

Wednesday 8 June started with the regular coaching staff meeting, followed by 3 workshops. Today coaches identify tactical training objectives based on a match recording of next Sunday’s opponent. Coaches are educated why and how biorhythm has a big influence on the three most important aspects they encounter: how to improve performance, how to speed up recovery after performing and how to avoid njury. During the 3rd workshop coaches will practice to develop all kind of objective references to coache the unconscious thinking of their players.

Next is the presentation by Erik Matser titled: ‘Talent identification and Optimalization is Brain Work’, followed by another 3 workshops to develop Team Periodisation of the Feyenoord U19 players, Opponent Video Analysis and developing objective references to coach players.

The morning ends with a session with our 2nd top coach of this week: WFA Ambassador Guus Hiddink. Hiddink spoke very open about his experiences and shared a lot of knowledge to our ‘dressing room’.

First plenary presentation after lunch is Sleep Monitoring by Jonathan Bloomfield. Coaches analyze and evaluate the data of the sleep monitoring of the Feyenoord U19 platers which has taken place in the past two weeks.

Afterwards coaches get the opportunity to ask questions to Dutch top scout Piet de Visser about his experience of scouting international top players.

Dirk Zoutewelle presents the neurotransmitter profiles of the Feyenoord U19 players, together with the coaches he discusses the possible consequences for the upcoming training week.

During the afternoon another 3 workshops take place, from developing the Tactical Periodisation and Individual Periodisation to Rehab Periodisation.

We finish off with another coaching staff meeting to evaluate the workshops of today.